The Pocket Pinger: drop no more a coin

The Pocket Pinger

The tool is developed by Sound Money Metals. It helps you to hold your coin while doing the ping test, thus you will be no longer worry about dropping your coin. It is portable and works with common size coins.

A close collaboration

After many careful studies, we’ve found that the tool works perfectly with our application Precious Coin Tester as long as the coin is held at its center. Now we are in close collaboration with Sound Money Metals and The Pocket Pinger has been selected as the official companion tool for the application.

More reviews can be found in the video below.


  • Always hold your coin on its center
  • For large coins: push directly with your finger
  • For small coins: push slightly with your fingernail, place your phone on a box for easier handling near the microphone.

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The product is made by Sound Money Metals. Precious Coin Tester is not responsible for any problem or issue related to the product.