Restore subscription after reinstall

After an reinstallation, or app data removal, the subscription will become inactive. To get back the existing subscription. Please use “Restore purchases” action.

Use another device

The subscription from Apple or from Google is shared among multiple devices of the same account. You can activate the existing subscription on another device by using “Restore purchases” action.

Cancel subscription

Money is hard to get but easy to spend. If you are not a frequent user, we suggest to cancel the subscription as soon as you have unlocked the corresponding services. After the cancelation, the subscription is still valid till its end date, but it is no longer auto-renewing. Therefore, you won’t be charged each month. When it is needed in the future, you can subscribe again.

Neither Apple nor Google provides the ability to cancel the subscription within the app. The cancelation of a subscription should be done from apple account or google play store.

Cancel subscription from apple

Redirect to Apple subscription management

Cancel subscription from google

Redirect to Google subscription management